Great to be back

October 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the three or so years since the last blog’s demise there has been some excellent race-talk taking place around the hbd-o-sphere and wn-o-spheres.  Gone appear to be the days when the whole point behind racial discussions amounted to little more than lashing out just to let the world know that you knew what was up, that you were angry about it and that you weren’t going to take it any longer.  The realization seems to have finally dawned on the most active, devoted and knowledgeable posters that the “quick and dirty methods” that have long proved so tempting simply do not cut it — as even that old Satan incarnate, William Lucifer Pierce himself, lamented over thirty years ago (yet was never able to wean himself completely off them).  There is a widespread recognition today that a more circuitous, laborious route will have to be taken, a metapolitical equivalent of Mao’s strategic retreats.   It is to this end that this blog will attempt to contribute in its own small way — a way neatly encapsulated in the blog’s tagline: Yes, the culture at large is anti-white and, yes, whites (of all stripes) are expected to play along; in effect, to play dead, which is an apt figurative precursor to an eventual physical expiration all too real.  But it need not be thus.  Where there is a will there is a way, and this blog will hope to demonstrate that where this racial goodwill there is a way.  So welcome, and may our efforts prove fruitful.